Grimm Season 5 Episode 11



Grimm season 5 comes back with an all-new scene this Friday 4 March at 9pm EST on NBC Network. In scene 11 titled Key Move, Nick Burkhardt and Monroe will set out on a trip to The Black Forest to make sense of the riddle of the Seven Keys. By abstract: “Recently picked up curios take Nick David Giuntoli and Monroe Silas Weir Mitchell closer to the wellspring of a long-gestating puzzle. Somewhere else, Black Claw makes a lethal move that will send Portland into chaos. Click here to watch the scene online on NBC’s site, or snap here to watch it by means of live stream in the US. In the past scene titled, Map Of The Seven Knights, Nick and Monroe got some Grimm writings sent to them by Uncle Felix, which will likewise offer them some assistance with getting closer to the answer for their Seven Key puzzle. The old books had point by point data about Wesens and the Grimm family tree, including Nick. Monroe additionally found the mystery compartment lock of the storage compartment, which contained three more keys; joined with the two they had, the pack stamps together the five bits of the guide of the seven knights, precursors of the Grimm, prompting the Schwarzwald The Black Forest.