House of Cards Season 4 Episode 1




Place of Cards Season 4: rebooted in Oz-land? Not as much as over the top viewers, or even fanatical ones who’ve needed to clear their memory banks as they’ve pigged out on other convoluted TV universes in the previous two years, could be overlooked for some disarray at the opening scene of this season opener. The gentleman managing erotica to his bunkmate is Lucas Goodwin, the hapless investigative columnist and sweetheart of the late Zoe Barnes. He was most recently seen in Season 2, when he was captured for cybercrimes while in transit to uncovering the mortal wrongdoings of Frank Underwood. All through the arrangement, Underwood has had not one but rather numerous Swords of Damocles over his head; last season finished with the disposal of one as onetime whore Rachel Posner, however Lucas’ return and his break into the Witness Protection Program might be a set-up for some pleasant symmetry.