House of Cards Season 4 Episode 2




In the post-State of the Union scene between the Underwoods in the East Wing, Claire seems to consider capitulation. However, as is regularly the case with her character, it’s what’s between her words and under them that may matter more. At the point when Frank advises her that he won’t permit her to wind up risky, it appears to trigger something in her face. She finds him and down. He begins to present himself with a beverage and she requests one as well. In the following scene, the main fourth-divider breaking discourse of the season, Frank reviews the narrative of utilizing a hatchet to get his youth neighbor out of a tree. It’s a tale much the same as the one that began this appear, when he choked a puppy another update that he’ll do anything, even slaughter, to accomplish his objective. At the point when Claire takes his beverage, would she say she is likewise considering taking his usual way of doing things? Might the fantasy he had of her gouging out his eyes be a hunch? Could the specialist she’s contracting offer her pursue for president she some assistance with making beyond any doubt that her spouse’s no more fit for it? Absolutely we’ve seen that she’s willing to rebuff her friends and family to get what she needs. How incredible was Burstyn in the scene when Claire undermined to offer her home from under her? I am the mother, she grated, wig-off. I AM THE MOTHER. It helped me to remember the times that Frank’s attempted to play the power card against Claire, requesting her to settle down on the grounds that he’s the president. We’ve perceived how that worked out for him; we can envision how it’ll work out for her.