[Leaked] Atlas Genius – Inanimate Objects Full Album Download


Artist: Atlas Genius
Album: Inanimate Objects
Genre: Indie rock, indie pop
Year: 2015
Quality: 320 kbps



Atlas Genius Inanimate Objects Album Tracklist

Atlas Genius - Inanimate Objects Full Album

Without further adieu…our new album, ‘Inanimate Objects’, will be coming out on August 28th WORLDWIDE. “Molecules” is the lead single from Atlas Genius’s sophomore album, ‘Inanimate Objects’. It was digitally released on June 23, 2015. Atlas Genius released their major label (Warner Bros.) debut ‘When It Was Now’ in 2013 to critical success. The album’s 11 tracks were co-produced by Atlas Genius and Frederik Thaae, recorded in both Adelaide, Australia and Studio City, California. Already the indie rockers have teased the release with choice cuts “Molecules”, “Stockholm”, and “Friends with Enemies”. Offering up another facet of the album’s appeal is “A Perfect End”, a song comprised of equal parts larger-than-life hooks and important life lessons.