[Leaked] Enya – Dark Sky Island Full Album Download


Artist: Enya
Album: Dark Sky Island
Genre: Celtic, new age
Year: 2015
Quality: 320 kbps



Enya Dark Sky Island Album Tracklist

Enya - Dark Sky Island Full Album

Dull Sky Island will be Enya’s eighth studio collection, ending the craftsman’s relative quiet subsequent to the 2008 arrival of her Christmas-themed And Winter Came. As reported by EDMSauce, Enya is known for her synergistic endeavors on topical substance, and Dark Sky Island won’t be a special case. As per Billboard, “the new recording is the perfection of approximately three years’ work in the middle of Enya and her maker and sound enginer Nicky Ryan and lyricist Roma Ryan, her purported ‘innovative triumvirate.'” Enya states on her site that the collection draws motivation from Roma Ryan’s gathering of verse about islands, particularly the island of Sark which was perceived in 2011 as the planet’s first “dim sky island,” which means it is free of light contamination and perfect for stargazing. In an announcement to Billboard, Enya further clarifies that “this collection has a topic of adventures. Excursions to the island; through the length of a lifetime; through history, through feelings; and trips crosswise over awesome seas.” Enya rose to pop-fame status with various hits from the late 80s and mid 90s. Celebrated for making ethereal pop soundscapes brimming with chill-inciting reverb and postponement, Enya is respected by numerous (counting Nicki Minaj, as indicated by Pitchfork) as the “Ruler of New Age.” Give the Celtic New Age Queen’s new melody “Echoes in the Rain” a listen by means of the craftsman’s YouTube and look at the collection’s tracklist beneath.