[Leaked] Escape the Fate – Hate Me Full Album Download


Artist: Escape the Fate
Album: Hate Me
Genre: Post-hardcore
Year: 2015
Quality: 320 kbps



Escape the Fate Hate Me Album Tracklist

Escape the Fate - Hate Me Full Album

Showing up in the midst of the rich screamo scene of the 2000s, the Las Vegas quintet Escape the Fate prided itself, most importantly else, on a vigorous and instinctive live appear. The band’s development was pushed to some extent by MySpace, which vocalist Ronnie Radke and bassist Max Green used while hunting down new bandmembers after their past bunch’s downfall. The systems administration site permitted them to enlist guitarist Bryan Money, who in this way brought along Vegas transplant (and previous Lovehatehero guitarist) Omar Espinoza. Drummer Robert Ortiz joined from that point to finish the gathering. Appearing live scarcely one month later, the folks discovered early achievement by means of neighborhood radio outlets and immediately amassed a gave main residence taking after. By September 2005, Escape the Fate had won a neighborhood radio challenge judged by My Chemical Romance. The gig recompensed them the chance to open a show on the band’s featuring visit with Alkaline Trio and Reggie and the Full Effect, which thusly prompted Escape the Fate’s record manage Epitaph.