[Leaked] Hurts – Surrender Full Album Download


Artist: Hurts
Album: Surrender
Genre: Synthpop
Year: 2015
Quality: 320 kbps



Hurts Surrender Album Tracklist

Hurts - Surrender Full Album

The Manchester synth-pop team come back with their first new material since their second collection Exile in 2013 which was a collection that was scarcely a change from their in the first place, yet a much needed development of tone with a darker and more air feel. A more huge movement is constantly required from a third endeavor however and they truly need to develop to something more critical that they guaranteed with their introduction in 2010. With ‘Some Kind of Heaven’ they’ve held and conveyed a more clearer and snappy sound whilst changing in the middle of this and the darker verses as well. This works really well in that sense and pushes on the pop sensibility that was their making, regardless of the possibility that now and again it’s somewhat recognizable. It remains an exquisite and melodic bit of cutting edge popular music that is as sharp as their garments, however just presents inconspicuous modifications on their current sound.