[Leaked] jennylee – right on! Full Album Download


Artist: jennylee
Album: right on!
Genre: New wave, gothic rock
Year: 2015
Quality: 320 kbps


jennylee right on! Album Tracklist

jennylee - right on! Full Album

At whatever point a craftsman ventures out from their fundamental band to make a record as a performance or side task, correlations to their essential venture definitely emerge. With late illustrations including Will Butler, Angel Deradoorian, and Martin Courtney, the attention is on the capacity to separate themselves from the band they’re regularly connected with. For Jenny Lee Lindberg, bassist of Warpaint, her first solo record, right on!, turns out to be a development of the hints of her primary band while additionally serving as her very own unmistakable boundary voice radiating through. While her bass is regularly the main thrust behind Warpaint’s propulsive work, Lindberg’s vocal work in that band is to a great extent kept to foundation vocals, though here she ventures to the fore. Warpaint’s 2014 self-titled second collection indicated genuine development, growing past standard psych rock towards foggy, scoring rhythms that landed some place in the middle of Cocteau Twins and Radiohead around In Rainbows. All alone, Lindberg adds to a less cleaned, more fiery post-punk that suits her gifts well.