[Leaked] Night Beats – Who Sold My Generation Full Album Download

Artist: Night Beats
Album: Who Sold My Generation
Genre: Rock, Alternative, Music
Year: 2016
Quality: 320 kbps


Night Beats Who Sold My Generation Album Tracklist

Night Beats - Who Sold My Generation Full Album

In what is both an extraordinary figure of speech and mainstream culture whilst likewise putting forth an obtuse expression about the condition of the country, Night Beats new collection Who Sold My Generation ticks every one of the containers with it’s title. They run a fine diversion however and in doing as such run the danger of turning into an extraordinary looking band with an inclination for articulations yet no tunes to back it up. Luckily things being what they are Night Beats have melodies by the can stack and with it, a knowing retro sheen which gives every track here a commonality which implores you to remain. It’s what might as well be called a warm cover yet under the surface is a band prepared to make some turmoil. Diverting some relentless fine name blended with a murkiness of pot smoke, Opening track Festivity #1 is an inquisitive amalgamation of the Jamaican sound frameworks crossed with Primal Scream. A frosty coolness wraps this in what turns into a trademark style for the entire collection achieving one of numerous zeniths on the sultry ‘Sunday Morning’ part of the way through the collection.