[Leaked] Reece Mastin – Change Colours Full Album Download


Artist: Reece Mastin
Album: Change Colours
Genre: Pop rock
Year: 2015
Quality: 320 kbps



Reece Mastin Change Colours Album Tracklist

Reece Mastin - Change Colours Full Album

Instantly Lockdown has your toes a tapping as Reece Mastin turns his colossal vocal ability to shake and come in incredible style, however there is a lot of style assorted qualities and contemporary sound mixing to make them anticipate taking after tracks. You Could Be Wild is sure to be a fan most loved due to its appealing concordance as well as the trademark development to Reece’s voice, peppered with notes and tones that truly are festivity of his energetic vocal commonality. This track focuses principally on vocal track yet with delightful backup stacked with inconspicuous greatness. I Don’t Love You Anymore is cheery in musical bearing to the point where the verses turn out to be very nearly a festival of their miserable storyline. Reece sings ‘I’m sad’ however genuinely sounds emphatically enchanted with the approaching partition. Playful breakdown at its finest. A staggering track. Anguish Blues is an exceptionally snappy track in a 80’s pop configuration, but very serious. Perfectly conveyed by Reece to the backup of heavenly sponsorship voice.