[Leaked] Sleater-Kinney – No Cities to Love Full Album Download


Artist: Sleater-Kinney
Album: No Cities to Love
Genre: Punk rock, indie rock, post-punk
Year: 2015
Quality: 320 kbps



Sleater-Kinney No Cities to Love Album Tracklist

Sleater-Kinney - No Cities to Love Full Album

No Cities To Love does not stable like a get-together collection. It doesn’t even solid like a decent get-together collection. On a decent gathering collection — Dinosaur Jr’s. Beyond, say — a broken-up band gets back together and, against chances, recovers the sound and element that made them exceptional in any case. That wouldn’t work for Sleater-Kinney, who never had one sound that made them extraordinary. Amid their unique run, they’d wrench out another collection at regular intervals or thereabouts, and that collection would speak to a fearless and weird jump from whatever had precede. When you’d wrapped your head around their new solid, they’d proceeded onward to a more up to date new stable. In that seven-collection keep running, there’s one and only exemption: the 1996 sophomore collection Call The Doctor, which was a more grounded and fiercer and all the more in-summon tackle the sound of that first collection.