[Leaked] Terje Isungset – Meditation Full Album Download


Artist: Terje Isungset
Album: Meditation
Genre: Jazz
Year: 2015
Quality: 320 kbps



Terje Isungset Meditation Album Tracklist

Terje Isungset - Meditation Full Album

In Iqaluit, outside in -38C climate, he could record for 60 minutes, hopping here and there to keep warm, before his gear and specialists began to stop. Off the shore of Greenland, joined by a team shooting a year ago’s TV Ontario narrative arrangement The Polar Sea, Isungset and his instrument-carver lassoed lumps of crumbled ice shelf out of the water. In Norway, he set up to record inside a glacial mass just to need to run out again as the hole fallen. “It is 99% diligent work to make ice music,” says Isungset, on the telephone from his home in Bergen, on Norway’s west drift. “Anybody can pound ice and it sounds possibly OK, however in the event that you discover a truly long — enduring tone and the embodiment of the sounding pieces, for me, it opens up another world.