[Leaked] Velvet Crush – Pre-Teen Symphonies Full Album Download

Artist: Velvet Crush
Album: Pre-Teen Symphonies
Genre: Rock, Music, Alternative
Year: 2016
Quality: 320 kbps

Velvet Crush Pre-Teen Symphonies Album Tracklist

  1. Hold Me Up (Demo)
  2. My Blank Pages (Demo)
  3. Time Wraps Around You (Demo)
  4. Not Standing Down (Demo)
  5. Turn Down (Demo)
  6. This Life Is Killing Me (Demo)
  7. Weird Summer (Demo)
  8. Star Trip (Demo)
  9. Window to the World (Live in Chicago)
  10. My Blank Pages (Live in Chicago)
  11. Ash and Earth (Live in Chicago)
  12. Time Wraps Around You (Live in Chicago)
  13. Atmosphere (Live in Chicago)
  14. This Life Is Killing Me (Live in Chicago)
  15. Hold Me Up (Live in Chicago)
  16. Remember the Lightning (Live in Chicago)