San Fermin Jackrabbit 2015 Album Download Leaked

San Fermin

Artist: San Fermin
Album: Jackrabbit
Genre: Hip hop
Year: 2015
Quality: 320 kbps




San Fermin Jackrabbit Album Tracklist

1. The Woods
2. Ladies Mary
3. Emily
4. Jackrabbit
5. Astronaut
6. Philosopher
7. Ecstatic Thoughts
8. Woman In Red
9. The Cave
10. Parasites
11. Reckoning
12. The Glory
13. Two Scenes
14. Halcyon Days
15. Billy Bibbit

San Fermin’s self-titled 2015 presentation is a complicatedly made situated out of faultless chamber-society melodies, written in isolation by Ellis Ludwig-Leone and performed by a little armed force of profoundly prepared ringers. When the collection turned out, Ludwig-Leone had effectively composed a continuation in a comparative soul. At the same time then San Fermin began visiting, which regularly brought Ludwig-Leone out into the world — to workshop his sound in a live setting, to experience life out and about as a major aspect of an eight-piece band, and to experience individuals and thoughts that would have gotten away him on the off chance that he’d stayed home. So he modified the collection’s tunes, and the outcome is Jackrabbit, which guarantees to have a looser and less hermetically fixed quality. “I was searching for a sound that was somewhat darker,” Ludwig-Leone composes by means of email, “and possibly somewhat more hyper.