Whispers II Passenger Album Download Leaked 2015

Whispers II

Artist: Passenger
Album: Whispers II
Genre: Traditional Folk
Year: 2015
Quality: 320 kbps



Whispers II Passenger Album Tracklist

1. Fear of Fear
2. Catch in the Dark
3. A Thousand Matches
4. I’ll Be Your Man
5. Travelling Alone
6. David
7. Words
8. The Way That I Need You
9. Strangers
10. Nothing’s Changed
11. Two Hands (Acoustic)
12. Stolen Toys (Acoustic)
13. The Way It Goes (Acoustic)
14. Settled (Acoustic)
15. Timber and Coal (Acoustic)
16. Darkest Days (Acoustic)

Uk based craftsman lyricist Passenger a week prior reported game plans to release his new gathering Whispers II. The accumulation is a take after on from his incredibly powerful 2014 record Whispers. “The truth is I’ve been roosted on this gathering for a truly long time as most of the tunes were created and recorded meanwhile as Whispers which is the inspiration driving why it feels right to make it a resulting rather than an alternate substance all together,” Passenger cleared up by method for internet organizing. “There are ten songs on the gathering (notwithstanding 6 additional tracks on the off chance that you get the unique adaptation …  no weight haha) and as I said these tunes have been around for quite a while so some of you may know several them starting at this poin.